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Certification Division


On 28 September 2000, The Council of Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), adopted decision of including Latvia in the seed schemes of Cereals, Grasses and Legumes.

As from 29.11.2001, Latvia acquires the right to issue OECD certificates prepared by Certification Division of Seed Control Department in the name of State Plant Protection Service. 



 Tasks of the Certification Division:

  • Maintain register of seed traders;
  • Carry out post-control of seeds in field plots for the evaluation of varietal identity and purity;
  • Prepare proposals in respect of drafting regulatory enactments in the field of seed circulation  co-ordinated with international requirements;
  • Provide methodological guidance and organize official control and surveillance over the circulation of seeds within the country;
  • Provide surveillance over activities of seed testing inspectors of  regional divisions and field inspection inspectors;
  • Organise and perform training  and qualification testing  of seed experts of seed control laboratory regional divisions, inspectors, samplers of submitted seed samples and field inspection inspectors in the field of seed certification and elaborate training programs thereof;
  • Summarise surveys and information in the field of seed circulation;
  • Provide for exchange of information between the concerned public institutions in Latvia and abroad on the seed circulation in Latvia.

 Functions of Certification Division:


  1. methodological guidance of field inspection process in respect of seed growing fields;
  2. surveillance of work of field inspectors in accordance with plan approved by Director of the Service;
  3.  co-ordination and methodological guidance of certification process;
  4. conformity assessment of certified field lots in post control seed growing fields;
  5. maintenance and update of Seed Growers and Traders Register pursuant to requirements of Seed Circulation Law and  Seed Growing and Seed Trade Provisions
  6. maintenance and update of Growers Register of Genetically Modified Organisms in accordance with co-existence provisions of crops raised under organic farming, traditional farming and genetically modified crops; 
  7. maintenance and update of computer data base recording the available organic agriculture crop seeds in accordance with Organic Farming Surveillance and Control Provisions.
  8. registration of seed propagation agreements in cases where seed propagation is carried out in third countries;
  9. methodological guidance of surveillance and control function in the field of seed circulation on the national level;
  10. methodological guidance of seed marking surveillance and control function on the national level;
  11. methodological guidance of surveillance and control function over raising genetically modified crops on the national level;
  12. preparation of written clarifications aimed at enforcement and implementation of regulatory enactments in respect of issues under competency of the department, as well as information of third persons;
  13. preparation of proposals on draft regulatory enactments in the field of seed circulation regulation;
  14. 15. drafting of instructions and methods aimed at enforcement and implementation of regulatory enactments, as well as securing the performance of inspectors enforcing the Law of Administrative Procedure and Administrative Violations Code of Latvia in the field of seed circulation;
  15. drafting of internal rules aimed at performance of surveillance and control functions;
  16. summarisation of surveys submitted by regional divisions on issues under competency of Department;
  17. pursuant to EU regulatory enactments which are directly in force in Member States, preparation of information for EU institutions, including information on organic and genetically modified seeds;
  18. organization and implementation of training of field inspectors concerning seed certification and other issues under competency of Department; increasing Professional skills’ level in the respective field thereof; elaboration of training programs;
  19. participation in commissions of seed sampling in cases of dispute;
  20. addressing the improvement of seed certification process, elaborate proposals to that end;
  21. securing of operation of seed certification schemes (OECD schemes) for the circulation of seeds on the international market;
  22. securing of maintenance and update of part of information system operated by  State Plant Protection Service: section on seed certification process and registers (Seed Growers and Traders Register, Register of Growers of Genetically Modified  Crops, computer data basis of available organic farming crop seed varieties);
  23. preparation and issuance of seed packaging labels and for potatoes – plant passports compliant with regulatory enactments.