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Seed Control Department

Seed Control Department is a structural unit of State Plant Protection Service which, within the scope of its mandate, is in charge of fulfilment of SPPS missions pursuant to „Seed Circulation Law” and Seed Trade Provisions adopted by the Cabinet. Seed Control Department incorporates Certification Division and National Seed Testing Laboratory accredited by International Seed Testing Association (ISTA).

Daiga Bajale
Director of Seed Control Department
Address: Lielvardes street 36
Riga, LV – 1006
Ph.: +371-67113262
Fax: +371-67113085


Price List

  • This is a part of unofficial translation of the Regulations Regarding a Price List of the Paid Services Provided by the State Plant Protection Service (Cabinet Regulation No 163 Adopted 1 March 2011) concerning only seed quality estimation.

Seed production (statistical data)

  • Area approved in field inspection
  • Certified seed produced

Laws and Regulations

  • Cabinet Regulation No 646 Adopted 11 November 2003 “Regulations regarding Growing and Marketing of Beet Seed”
  • Cabinet Regulation No 575 Adopted 14 October 2003 "Regulations regarding Growing and Marketing of Vegetable Seed
  • Cabinet Regulation No 446 Adopted 12 August 2003 “Regulations regarding the Growing and Marketing of Seed Potatoes”
  • Cabinet Regulation No 327 Adopted 17 June 2003 "Regulations regarding Growing and Marketing of Seed of Oil and Fibre Plants
  • Cabinet Regulation No. 253 Adopted 13 May 2003 “Regulations on Growing and Marketing of Cereal Seed”
  • Seed Circulation Law