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Laws and Regulations

  • Seed Circulation Law
  • Plant Varieties Protection Law
  • Cabinet Regulation No.140 Adopted 22 February 2011 By-law of the Latvian Catalogue of Plant Varieties

Application for entry into the Latvian Catalogue of plant varieties  DOC; ODT; PDF

Application for plant breeder`s rights DOC, ODT, PDF

Tasks of Plant Breeders Right Protection: 

Accept and examine applications in respect of granting the breeder’s right;
Register licences regarding transfer of the breeder’s right;
Organize distinctness, uniformity, stability (DUS) tests in respect of varieties proposed for granting of the Plant Breeder’s Right and inclusion into the Catalogue;
Maintain The Latvian State Register of Protected Plant Varieties.
Tasks of Plant Variety VCU Testing:
Activities connected with compilation and maintenance of Latvian Plant Variety Catalogue (hereinafter: Catalogue);
Organise, control the evaluation of commercial characteristics of varieties, summarisation of the obtained results;
Prepare results for discussion in expert groups of National Plant Variety Board to adopt decisions on listing varieties in the Catalogue.
Tasks of Field Trials:
Set up field trials; 
Provide for the observation and recording of varieties during the vegetation period in compliance with plant variety evaluation methods.