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English > Plant variety > Value for Cultivation and Use Testing of Plant Varieties

The objectives of Value for Cultivation and Use Testing of Plant Varieties (VCU) is to establish in respect of a variety:

  • differences of productivity, biological characteristics, quality of the obtained produce, chemical and technological characteristics from the standard variety, resistance to pests and diseases, as well as other commercially important characteristics;
  •  growing suitability under agro-climatic conditions of Latvia.
VCU is a mandatory condition for listing the variety in the Latvian Catalogue of Plant Varieties.
In order to propose the variety for VCU, the following documents should be submitted to Seed Control Department:
  1. application;
  2. popular description of variety;
  3. technical form of variety description;
  4. authorisation in case the applicant is not the breeder;
  5. certification of executed payment for registration of application.
 Subsequent to reception of application on VCU, the agreement is signed between the applicant and State Plant Protection Service (SPPS). The agreement prescribes the rights and obligations of both parties, deadlines and quantities of seed deliveries, settlement procedure and other obligations pertaining to performing VCU. Part of the Agreement is agreement protocol, drawn up on annual basis. It contains the number of varieties to be tested, number and location of testing places and payment procedure.
VCU field trials are carried out in the Field Trial Division of SPPS and other trial locations (Latvian University of Agriculture, Višķi Professional Secondary School, etc.), operating agreements with SPPS on performance of VCU trials. The chemically technological analyses prescribed in methods of VCU are performed in laboratories operating agreements with SPPS on performance of tests.
VCU is carried out in compliance with VCU methods, approved by Minister of Agriculture. The methods contain VCU criteria according to the scale of 9 grades.
The VCU Agreement provides for the results notification procedure to the applicant. Information on CCE results is accessible to interested parties in SPPS publications „Results of Plant Varieties Value for Cultivation and Use Testing."
Upon condition that the applicant has submitted all the required documents (results of Distinctness, Uniformity, stability (DUS) and variety description pursuant to UPOV guidelines, after obtaining VCU results for 3 successive years, the variety may be evaluated for listing in the Latvian Plant Variety Catalogue (see Cabinet Regulation No 182 Adopted 15 April 2003 “By-law regarding the Latvian Catalogue of Plant Varieties”.