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English > Plant quarantine
  • Official register of professional operators
  • Maximum permissible levels of residues of active substances of pesticides in fresh food products of plant origin fixed by Russian legislation

Laws and regulations

  • Plant Protection Law
  • Cabinet Regulation No 690 Adopted 9 December 2003 “Regulations regarding Vegetable Propagating Material”
  • Cabinet Regulation No. 91 Adopted 25 February 2003 “Regulations on Material for Propagation of the Vine”
  • Cabinet Regulation No467 Adopted 30 June 2008 „Regulations Regarding Restriction of the Distribution of Invasive Alien Plant Species”
  • Cabinet Regulation No 468 Adopted 30 June 2008 „List of Invasive Alien Plant Species”
  • Cabinet Regulation No 559 Adopted 14 July 2008 "Regulation Regarding Restricting the Spread of the Invasive Alien Plant Species – Heracleum sosnowskyi Manden"