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Agrochemical department

Agrochemical department is a framework unit of State Plant Protection Service which, within its competence, is responsible for implementation of tasks set for the Service in accordance to the "Law On Circulation of Fertilisers" and Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers to the surveillance surveillance of fertilisers and growing media, to use fertilisers in highly vulnerable zones and agrochemical research of soil, to protect consumers of fertilisers and growing media from the use of poor quality fertilisers and substrates, which are dangerous to human and animal health and to the environment, to protect water and soil from pollution with nitrates caused by agricultural activity and to compile information on agricultural land fertility levels and their changes.

Skaidrīte Rulle
Director of Agrochemical department
Phone: +371-67551272

Application for the Accounting of a Fertiliser with “EC Fertiliser” Marking (DOC, PDF)

Submission for the Registration of a Fertiliser and Substrate DOC
Submission for Receipt of a Permit DOC
Submission Regarding a Fertiliser and Substrate which has been Recognised in Another Member State of the European Economic Area DOC
ATTESTATION regarding efficiency of a non-typical fertiliser, plant growth promoter or microbiological preparation DOC

Laws and Regulations

  • Regulation (EC) No 2003/2003 of the European Parliament and of Council of 13 October 2003 relating to fertilisers (languages – LV, EN)
  • Law On Circulation of Fertilisers (languages – LV, EN)
  • Cabinet Regulation No. 506 Adopted 1 September 2015 "Regulations regarding the identification, quality conformity assessment and marketing of fertilisers and plant growth substrates”  (languages - LV, EN)
  • Cabinet Regulation No.669 Adopted 28 October 2014 "Procedure of sampling and preparing control samples of fertilisers and plant growth substrates” (languages - LV)
  • Cabinet Regulation No. 76 Adopted 27 January 2009 "Procedures for Monitoring and Control of Fertilisers with “EC Fertiliser” Marking" (languages – LV, EN)
  • Cabinet Regulation No. 83 Adopted 30 January 2007 "Provisions Concerning State Fee for Registration of Fertilisers or for Issue of Permits for marketing or importation of fertilisers and Payment Procedure thereof" (languages – LV, EN)
  • Cabinet Regulation No.834 Adopted 23 December 2014  ,,Regulations on protection of water and soil from nitrate pollution caused as a result of agricultural activity” (languages - LV, EN)