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Structural Units of Plant Protection Department

Plant Protection Department is a structural unit of State Plant Protection Service, which within the authority delegated pursuant to „Plant Protection Law” is in charge of delivering the mission of the Service in the field of plant protection. The Department incorporates 4 Divisions: Plant Protection Products Registration Division, Evaluation Division, Plant Protection Products Control Division and Integrated Plant Protection Division.

Mr. Vents Ezers
Director of Plant Protection Department
Address: Lielvardes street 36, Riga, LV - 1006
Ph.: +371-67550929
Fax: +371-67185479

The objectives of Plant Protection Products Registration Division and Environment and Ecotoxicology Division are as follows:

  • Prepare assessments as to compliance of plant protection products applied for registration with requirements of regulatory enactments;
  • Address issues connected with extension of the scope of application of the registered plant protection products;
  • Approve of texts presented on the marking of plant protection products;
  • update the register of plant protection products;
  • Provide advice to all interested parties on registered plant protection products and application thereof;
  • Provide for the exchange of information among the stakeholder institutions in Latvia and overseas in respect of registration of PPP;
  • Prepare proposals for drafting of regulatory enactments, as well as prepare drafts of regulatory enactments co-ordinated with international requirements;
  • Elaborate methodological guidelines and instructions for evaluation and registration of plant protection products.

The objectives of Integrated Plant Protection Division:
  • Provide for the observance of provisions of regulatory enactments in respect of the field of plant protection, import, distribution and application of plant protection products;
  • To effect the operation of a special licence issued by Ministry of Agriculture on the part of every establishment (company) involved in import and distribution of plant protection products, as basis for inspection;
  • Secure the import into Latvia and application of only registered plant protection products, the quality and labelling of which is compliant with registration procedure provisions of plant protection products;
  • To enforce provision in respect of the licensed sales locations of plant protection products that the storage places of PPP should be compliant with distribution, storage and application provisions of plant protection products, securing further distribution of PPP to users compliant with the rules.
  • Provide for control of observance of regulatory enactments on the part of users of PPP (acquisition, storage, use), securing consumer safety and precluding the exceeding of the maximum admissible levels of pesticide residues and protecting the environment from pollution.
  • To organize the forecast and warning on spread of plant pests and diseases