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Work-sharing in the Northern zone

The Member States in the Northern zone (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden) and Norway, have agreed to co-operate in sharing the work to evaluate applications for authorisation and re-authorisation of plant protection products. In the year 2013 Latvia was the chair Member State of the Northern zone and Finland was the CoChair Member State. In 2014 the chair Member State is Lithuania and the CoChair is Sweden. You can find contact details in the List of contact points below. Procedures and details about content and format of applications as well as assessments are described in the Northern zone guidance document.

Procedures and details about content and format of applications as well as assessments are described in the Northern zone guidance document, Revision 6.0.

The latest updated Revision 8.0 of the guidance document may be applied from June, 2019 and shall be applied from the specific dates indicated in the guidance document.

List of contact points.

Template for draft registration report (dRR) (several documents in a zip file, 950 kB).

Guidance document on zonal evaluation and mutual recognition under Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009 has been updated and its new version of 01.02.2013. contains updated notification form: Form to notify intended zonal applications.

Application form for authorisation of  plant protection product.

List of Testing Units Holding the Certificate for Conducting Efficacy Trials for Zonal Registration of PPP.

Registration of PPP

Pursuant to Section 7 of Chapter III of Plant Protection Law, it is permitted to distribute or make use of registered plant protection products.

Scientific Research and trials and experiments aimed at improvement of plant protection products, pertaining to distribution and use in the environment of unregistered plant protection products is subject to permit from Plant Protection Service for conducting of such trials and research. The said plant protection products may be used under controlled circumstances in limited quantities and limited areas after the permit has been issued.
If the prevalence of particular harmful organism imminently endangers cultivated crops and the control of this harmful organism with the help of plant protection products included in the register or other plant protection measures is not possible, State Plant Protection Service, in accordance with regulatory enactments on registration of plant protection products may, up to the period of 120 days, issue permit of restricted distribution and application (under controlled circumstances) of plant protection products non-compliant with provisions of registration.
The registration procedure of plant protection products is laid down in Cabinet Regulations No.509 ” Procedures for Putting Plant Protection Products on the Market according to Regulation 1107/2009” (Issued pursuant to Article 5, Clause 2 of the Plant Protection Law) and Cabinet Regulations No. 568 “Registration Procedure of Live Organisms”.
According to the Art. 32 of Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council State Plant Protection Service includes plant protection products in the list for the period not exceeding 1 year from the date of expiry of the approval of the active substance/es and other relevant substances the product  contains.
To provide for the possibility of progressive assessment of the new active substances and speed up the availability of new plant protection products containing active substances to the users, State Plant Protection Service, in accordance with the procedures provided for in regulatory enactments on registration of plant protection products, may include a plant protection product in the list for provisional period of time as set in the Art. 30 of Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009.
In order to include the plant protection product in the register, the applicant submits to the Plant Protection Service:
  • At the latest 6 months before proposed submission date the pre-notification form should be submitted. Together with the pre-notification a zonal rapporteur (zRMS) may be proposed.
  • The pre-notification form also is available above Form to notify intended zonal applications.
  • Registration application in respect of the plant protection product;
  • Other documentation as set in Art.33 or other relevant articles of Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009 and described in The Northern zone guidance document and registration application form mentioned above;
  • The draft text of the Latvian label in conformity with Cabinet Regulations No.1064 “Classification, Labelling and Packaging Procedure of Plant Protection Products”;
  • Submission of efficacy control trial results obtained in Latvia is not obligatory requirement anymore. However it would be preferrable to recieve some trials carried out in Latvia to have more assurance of product efficacy in the agricultural and environmental conditions in Latvia. There is one performer of trials certified by State Plant Protection Service (Cabinet Regulations No.909 “The Procedure of Issuing Certificates in Respect of Conducting Effectivity Control Trails of Plant Protection Products”) -Latvian Plant Protection Research Centre, Ltd (SIA Latvijas Augu aizsardzības pētniecības centrs).
  • Regarding national requirements for product evaluation please see updated The Northern zone guidance document above– pages 35-37.
Listing of plant protection product in the register is certified by registration certificate issued by State Plant Protection Service. After the validity deadline of the registration certificate has expired, the respective plant protection product may be re-included in the register at the request of the holder of registration certificate.
The registration, re-registration, extension of the application scope, introduction of changes in the documentation of the registered plant protection products are paid services delivered by State Plant Protection Service in accordance with The Regulations Regarding a Price List of the Paid Services Provided by the State Plant Protection Service (Cabinet Regulation No 493 Adopted 10 July 2012). Unofficial translation of the fees can be found above under Fees related to plant protection products

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