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PPP Circulation Control


The distribution of plant protection products is subject to obtaining of special permit (licence). Special licence is issued by Ministry of Agriculture in accordance with Part1, Section 9, Chapter III of „Plant Protection Law”.
Issuing of licences is regulated by Cabinet Regulations No.470 from 29 April 2004  "The Procedure of Issuance of Special permits (licences) for Distribution of Plant Protection Products".
For import or trade in plant protection products, operator should receive special permit (licence), issued by MOA Commission for Licensing of Distribution of PPP (hereinafter: Commission). The Commission issues the following licences:
  •  For trade in first, second and third class plant protection products subject to payment of state fee 142,29 euro.
  • For trade in third class plant protection products subject to payment of state fee 71,14 euro.
To obtain the special permit (licence), operator should submit the following documents to Plant Protection Products Control Organization Division of Plant Protection Department of SPPS:
  • Application for the special permit (licence) in respect of distribution of plant protection products;
  • Copy of the registration certificate issued by Commercial Register of Republic of Latvia;
  • Statement of State Revenue Service on registering the operator in question as tax payer and settlement with state budget;
  • Evidence on having a job contract with staff member having obtained certificate of plant protection advisor from the Service;
  • Evidence on having a job contract with a staff member having obtained a licence from the Service on mastering the minimum required knowledge in respect of handling first class PPP.
  1. The validity period of the special permit (licence) is 5 years.
  2. The licence is re-registered in case it is necessary to extend its term of validity or introduce changes in the licence.
  3. The application for extension of the validity term should be submitted a month ahead of the expiration of such term.
  4. Re-registration of the licence is subject to payment of the state fee in the amount of 10% from the rate fixed for the issuance of licence.
SPPS prescribes the required minimum knowledge for advisors, certify them and issue licences entitling them to provide advice to buyers of Plant protection products at sales locations. The validity period of the advisor’s licence is 5 years.