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About us

State Plant Protection Service has been established pursuant to Plant Protection Law adopted by Parliament (Saeima) 17 December 1998 as a state institution supervised by Ministry of Agriculture. 

The Service performs official control and surveillance in the field of free movement of plant protection products, fertilizers and growing media, plants and plant products, plant varieties, seed and planting material, explore fertility of land used for agriculture, as well as collaborates with international organizations and provides the exchange of information with other countries on issues of plant protection, plant quarantine, movement of seeds and variety protection rights.
The objectives of the Service are:
  • timely detection of harmful organisms and estimation of their development;
  • making provisions for plant quarantine measures in specific cases and on particular sites;
  • promotion of performance of plant protection measures with an aim to exclude or limit the spread of harmful organisms or mitigate the adverse impact  laid by them;
  • provide for the placing on the market of high quality seeds and planting material;
  • provide for the protection of plant variety rights;
  • maintain the Latvian Protected Varieties’ Register;
  • maintain the Latvian Plant Variety Catalogue;
  • carry out value for cultivation and use testing of plant varieties;
  • surveillance and control over circulation of fertilisers and growing media within the country;
  • monitoring the use of fertilisers in highly vulnerable zones;
  • maintain the Latvian Database of Agrochemical Research of Soil
To reach the above objectives, the Service:
  • maintains the Register of Plant Protection Products and provides for the assessment, registration and re-registration of plant protection products;
  • sets up and maintains the register of persons engaged in growing, processing, storage, trade, import and export of plants and plant products subject to plant health control.
  • Issues plant health documents certifying the compliance of plants and plant products to with requirements set out in regulatory enactments, including plant health certificates for export and re-export of plants and plant products;
  • performs official control over circulation of plant protection products;
  • performs plant inspections, provides information to land users (owners) on the introduction and spread of harmful organisms and the required plant protection measures;
  • performs plant health control and prescribes plant health measures;
  • defines derogations in respect of plants, plant products and harmful organisms destined for research, scientific or variety breeding purposes;
  • prescribes the research and trial procedures in respect of harmful organisms, genetically modified organisms and plant protection products;
  • performs risk analysis in respect of spread of quarantine organisms;
  • accepts, checks and evaluates the registration applications for registration of fertilisers and growing media and related documents; maintains the Fertiliser State Register of the State Information System for Monitoring of Agricultural Plants and provides for updating of data as well as carries out free sampling for the conformity assessment thereof;
  • control the use of fertilisers in highly vulnerable zones;
  • take the samples of soil and analyse agrochemical properties of soil;
  • collaborates with international organizations and provides for exchange of information with other countries in the field of plant protection, plant quarantine, seed circulation and protection of variety rights;
  • implements regulatory enactments aimed at regulating the plant variety protection rights and compilation of the Latvian Plant Variety Catalogue;
  • carries out scrutiny of awarding conditions of plant variety rights, issues and cancels variety registration certificates, registers licences in respect of transfer of plant variety rights;
  • adopts decisions on amendments in the Latvian Plant Variety Catalogue.